The clients: Veri Luci (a Nottingham-based beauty business) and Adrian Lamb at Kennet Equipment Leasing

Finance for beauty business

Flexible financing for a state-of-the-art permanent make-up device

Veri Luci were keen to delve into one of the beauty industry’s big growth areas: micropigmentation. This required a small investment of £7,495 in a nouveau contour intelligent device.

Traditional borrowing was out of the question. As a small business Veri Luci needed quick funding and monthly repayment terms that that didn’t overstretch them. So they tasked Adrian Lamb of Kennet Equipment Leasing to find a solution. In turn, Adrian spoke to Quantum Funding, who specialise in helping SMEs acquire this type of growth asset.

Easy administration meant immediate funding and monthly repayments that didn’t impose financial strain

The broker found that Quantum’s portal was straightforward. Unlike some competitors there was no unnecessary administration or sluggish turnarounds. As such, repayment terms of 1 + 60 were agreed without any hassle, and the broker was able to get the loan paid out within just two hours of receipt of the contract.

Veri Luci remain leaders in their industry while spreading the costs of their investment

Quick delivery of the new micropigmentation device enabled the beauty business to offer a cutting-edge service – bringing new clients through the door immediately. The affordable fixed monthly repayments not only helped Veri Luci manage cash flow, but it also provided a tax-efficient solution to financing their growth.

“Quantum is one of our established funders for a few reasons. Firstly, they pay out on the same day that they receive the contract documentation. But they are also happy to pay out on copy docs, which enables us to turn round finance deals quickly for our clients - which in turns helps us build stronger relationships.

Adrian Lamb,
Kennet Equipment Leasing

Deal paid out on the same day

£7,495 deal size