Meet the team

Paul Cunningham
Senior leadership

Kilsey Walker
Broker Manager South & South West

Robert Emmison
Broker Manager North, North West & Scotland

David Lavin
Broker Manager North & North East

Kevin Bint
Broker Manager South

Martyn Edwards
Broker Manager South & South East

Lyanne Broomes
Broker Support

Becky Jacobs
Broker support

David Brownbill
Broker Manager Midlands

Allyson Lee
Broker Support

Samantha Christofi
Broker Support

For support please contact your Broker Relationship Manager or Broker Support:

Broker Support:
0330 123 2798: Option: 6

Customer Services:
0333 207 6780

Telephone calls made to Quantum Funding Limited may be recorded. These recordings may be used for verifying the accuracy of information provided by our callers and Quantum staff or to assist Quantum Funding Limited to comply with regulatory requirements.